Cowper Street Housing

Cowper Street Housing

A pattern language

Set in the inner city context of Glebe, the project reinterprets the traditional peach-red coloured terrace house groupings that characterize the area, consolidating a cluster of five dwellings into a larger structure that presents as a densely patterned block. The compositional challenges that apply to a terrace house (upper level central window offset from ground floor door and window) yield a staggered glazing pattern, overlaid by perforated aluminium paneling. The irregular site was rationalized by slicing the triangular portion and creating a garden; preserving the large fig tree, contributing to the public domain and allowing the corner frontage of the nearby ‘Friend in Hand’ hotel to present to the streetscape.

Date: 2013 – 2017

Client: AFM Downia
Location: Sydney, Australia
Value: $3.9M
Status: Complete

Project team: Andrew Burns, Casey Bryant, Sean Choo
Landscape architect: Turf Design
Structural engineer: SDA Structures
Hydraulic engineer: Greenarrow
Contractor: Rescom
Photography: © Brett Boardman